Searching for Morels in Colorado

I have moved to Colorado since my last post nearly a year ago, and am trying to get dialed in to these elusive  Morels. I spent last weekend stumbling around Estes Park hoping to establish a few new spots to hunt this year. The temperatures are still a bit on the cold side throughout the high country, and the flowers are just starting to break. Spring is slow coming, which works in my favor this year as I am still scouting areas. If anyone has information to share please hit me up.  I know I won't enjoy the harvests I experienced in Illinois and Indiana, but I would like to get an ounce or two of morels here in Colorado this year.

2012 Morel Season Surprised this Morel Hunter

This year the Morel season was challenging for this Morel hunter. As the season kicked off a few weeks earlier than most had anticipated. The Illinois winter was a case of extremes, in fact, for most of the state the residents were left anticipating the winter storms that never came. A warmer than usual winter would most certainly mean an earlier or limited Morel season.

The southern counties experienced an early season with first reports of few Morels sprouting in mid February. Folks in Hardin County were reporting the worst morel season in years, and only a select few were enjoying any success.

As the season began to kick off here in Central Illinois I took to the field with several new items I have been wanting to field test. The first being a new app for my mobile phone called Backpacker GPS Trails by Trimble Outdoors, the same company that  makes my favorite hunting application called Cabela's Recon Hunt. The second being a new knife I had made over the winter. I will save my opinions on both of those items for another posting.

I had the luxury of going out several times in the early season, and hit a few new spots. The morel season here in Central Illinois was very surprising as we got into a mess of morels in all of our regular spots and a few new spots we had been watching.

After harvesting more than 5 pounds of mushrooms over three days on the first weekend, I had a pretty good case of poison ivy on my hands and fore-arms. Morels were growing everywhere we had looked, even in areas that we hadn't seen mushrooms in several years. Seems this season is going to be more bountiful than expected.

Check the  Soil Temperature  to see when Morels are popping in your neck of the woods.

2011 Review on the Morel Mushrooms

The Morel season is winding down here on the 40th parallel. The weather permitted a great harvest of Morels this year. I have heard stories from all over the mid-west that this has been one of the best years in the last 20 for Morel hunting. I am now proud to report that my season was very successful as well. More importantly than just finding morels, what I take stock in is that I have added more than 5 new areas to hunt morels in the coming years.

Each season brings the challenges and questions about where and when the morels will spring from. It is always important to add a couple new areas to check each year. More often than not your current areas will continue to produce as well, but with more folks taking an interest in Morel hunting, its growing more common that your areas were picked over before you get to them. This is why it is important to continually grow your search areas.

On other news the spring Turkey season was only mildly successful. I want to let all of you who read my blog know that we need to respect the Turkey hunters, and as responsible morel hunters we need to give Turkey hunters their needed time to complete their hunt before tramping through the forest looking for morels. Let's respect all hunters, and avoid any future conflicts by staying out of designated hunting areas, until around noon when most Turkey hunters clear out of the woods. The morels aren't going anywhere, and will still be there in a few hours, when we are allowed to gather them up. So please respect the Turkey hunters, and allow them a successful hunt as well. Words of wisdom, Turkey goes great with Morels, and remember Turkey hunters are armed.

Tune up your Morel Finders

Train your eyes to see those elusive morel mushrooms. Here are some photos of the forest floor. See how many morels you find. These were taken this year, and offer lots of information on the types of areas the morel mushroom will spring from. Be sure to examine the vegetation and nearby trees, and note the ground soil was moist but not marshy or dry.

Photo taken by Travisty2008 on flickr: 
Photo taken by Travisty2008 on flickr:

More photos to come...

Science and Technology have nothing on the Morel Mushroom

I'm just now getting back to my regular schedules, as the morel season has been plentiful this year. I have had a chance to review several Android Applications that aided my hunting this year. A few to mention are Cabela's Recon Hunt, Google Tracks, and GPSCompassMap. I wrote a review on Cabela's Recon Hunt a couple days ago. Although this is designed for hunting game animals, I found it very useful to hunt morels. Read more about my review here. Google Tracks is new and was just released during the writing of my Cabela's review. So being a devoted Google user, I tried it out. I will save the full review for a future post, but I will share that it works well and does a bit more than most other mapping tools, though not quite what I was seeking in a hunting aid. GPSCompassMap, however was very nice, though a battery hog, it also fell short for being a hunting aid. There are several really great mapping/navigation applications for both Android and iPhone users. If you have a favorite or would like me to try one of yours out and give my review please drop me a line.

Photo taken by Trevor of 
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